Friday, 28 December 2012

Let it snow - by John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle

Genre; Young Adult
Difficulty 3/10
I picked this up after wanting to read it for ages and finally got round to this within the last week. The novel is consists of three different stories within the christmas period based at a waffle house. I had real high hopes for this book, based on reviews i thought i would breeze through it, in terms of writing style i did. However with three different stories and three different authors i learnt that i could not get into the second novel, it took me a long time and whilst i am usually a fan of John Green, i beileve the characters just did not interest me. The first book was light hearted, comical and just what i expected. The second whilst similiar i just couldnt attach myself to the characters, maybe a younger audience could though. The third and final novel i flew threw as its style was def something i would pick out myself, quite a girly novel. Overall - this is a nice winter book and not too heavy and totally suited for young adults.

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