Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday Must Reads

Photobucket Hi everyone - i thought i would do something different today called Monday Must Reads and its where i take a look at recently released or upcoming books and just share a bit about them, i thought why not and keep myself in the book release loop.
These two books are two chose at complete random and just took my fancy to be honest. The first book been; The History of us by Leah Stewart. Based around a family that suffers a huge loss in their parents and as they grow and move on raised by their aunt many years later return to the family home. Only to discover many secrets and their world begins to change. I picked this as this seems a very me book a bit of drama is usually the best sort of book for me.

The second book i picked was Deeper we fall by Chelsea M Cameron. If i am honest i picked this book based on the cover. I love a good cover, im a sucker for it. The story itself sees a girls best friends death and how it affects her, years later she returns to school and the men who caused the accident come back into her life, made a bit complicated by growing feels. This book is aimed to a mature teen audience, so although i am a bit older than that, its the sort of book i would no doubt opt for.
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