Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Oath Of Servitude - C.E Wilson

Genre; Fantasy/Young Adult
Difficulty; 3/10

I was gifted this in exchange for review(*) Fantasy is a genre i usually steer clear of but to my surprise i enjoyed this book overall. I found it fairly easy to read due to the young adult nature. The story focuses on two characters - Cailin (a pixie) and Teague, it focuses on the developing relationship between the characters after Cailin is sent to live with the humans. The characters are likeable and it isn't too heavy on the fantasy side, so its a an easy one to enter the genre with (and for a change it isnt vampires, im not big on vampires really) The writing style is nice, and i found that once i got stuck into it i flew through it, would def reccomend to a younger audience. Looking forward to the sequel now...
review on youtube here

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