Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The perfect christmas - Debbie Macomber

Genre; Chick Lit
Rating; 6/10

This was one of those books that if i didn't read it now, i probably wouldnt ever so i made sure i got round to reading it. The book is basically the story of two friends who desperatly want to settle down and have the perfect family and "perfect christmas" and with the aid of of Simon (a proffesional matchmaker) they embark on a story of love, romance and a bit of humor along the way. I find Debbies writing style is easy to read and quick to engage me as a reader. Although, similiar to the last book i managed to guess half the story line along the way i still found it enjoyable and light hearted. It really is a christmas book (and with the little added extras at the end, everyone can have the perfect christmas)

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