Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Shadow Wife - Diane Chamberlain - REVIEWED.


Genre; Womans fiction, drama, romance.

Joelle D'Angelo's best friend, Mara, is left with brain damage after she suffers an aneurysm giving birth to her son. Alone and grieving, Joelle turns to the only other person who understands her pain: her colleague—and Mara's husband—Liam. What starts out as comfort between friends gradually becomes something more…something undeniable.
Torn by guilt and the impossibility of her feelings for Liam, Joelle sets out determined to find help for Mara, no matter how unconventional the source. Her search leads her to a mansion in Monterey, California, and into the life of a woman shrouded in mystery. Carlynn Kling Shire is a healer and, according to Joelle's parents, saved Joelle's life when she was an infant. As Joelle is guided down an unfamiliar path by a woman keeping her own shocking secrets, she discovers that while some love is doomed, some love is destined to survive anything.

Please note: The Shadow Wife is the reissue of Cypress Point

I admit it, i love Diane Chamberlains books, i will always pick one up if i see one and probably rave about it. The shadow wife is no different. Dianes writing style is so similiar to that of Jodi Picolt, and the way her stories unravel is so comparable. This story focuses on mainly Joelle and how she deals with the loss of her best friend and the news of her pregnancy. The characters are well written making you care deeply for them. I flew through this book and couldnt put it down. It is most certainly an adult novel but nothing too heavy. Just the right amount of drama makes this a great read.

Rating 9/10
I gave it this rating because whilst i love the book, it wasnt my favourite by the author, that is all


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