Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sleeping Around: Secrets Of A Sexual Adventuress by Catherine Townsend

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Genre; Non Fiction/Memoir

Catherine Townsend leaves her martini swilling life as a New York City gossip columnist to find love and adventure in London with her amazing new boyfriend. But she gets dumped, and literally kicked to the curb. Jobless, homeless and on the rebound, she puts her wild sexual encountersthe good, the bad and the gnaw-your-arm-off-at-the-elbow-uglyinto good use by putting them in a dating column. She learns the difference between US and UK versions of 'monogamy', the going rate of male escorts, which dildos are dishwasher friendly, and the etiquette of sex parties (Rules No 1: Don't Discuss politics. Or plastic surgery.) But while she's working her way through intelligent dinner dates followed by no-strings-attached hot sex, she's also looking for love. Can she combine sleeping around with searching for a soul mate?

I liked this, i didnt love it though, i found the sex side was lacking especially for a book marked as "a sexual adevnturess" - i found the quest for love part quite compeling. I think in my opinion it should of been marketed as a quest for love with lots of sex. It was similiar in aspects to girl with a one track mind and sex and the city mixed in. Overall - a good enjoyable read.

Rating - 6/10


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