Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cover Art Reveal - The Students Told Us Secrets.

This shocking and at times completely insane collection of short stories will have you wanting more! It includes twelve chilling short stories, all set in Shanghai China! Based on the extrememly selfish and at times megalomaniac like tendencies of your average Chinese "one child policy" kid in Shanghai. You'll be amazed at what these kids do to get what they want!

This, is so my not usual thing, but since joinging the world of book blogging - i have being stepping out of my comfy chick lit world and into that of wider genres. This book intrigues me, the reviews sound interesting. It tells the story of 12 children in China, some dark & disturbing stories, i guess its time i stepped out my happy bubble and into one of danger!

This book will be avaliable in June - see more here

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