Saturday, 4 May 2013

Keeper of the light - Diane Chamberlain

Genre - Chick Lit/ Womens
Dr. Olivia Simon is in the middle of treating a gunshot victim while on duty Christmas night when she realizes that the patient is Annie O'Neill, the woman with whom her husband, Paul, is in love. Despite Olivia's best efforts to save her, Annie dies in surgery. For Olivia, Paul and Annie's husband, Alec, life will never be the same.

As you may know already, Diane Chamberlain is hands down one of my favourite authors of late, i find all her novels gripping, well written & leaving me guessing to the end. This was no different, i had no idea where it was going up the very end of the book. This tells the story of four main characters and how their inter twined life aall changes in one night, i feel this is not too heavy but it feels like the history amongst the characters is key. This follows a similair format as alot of Dianes book, starts with the diaster and works up to what happened ect. I was hooked and i am surprised it took me so long to delve in. This is the first in the kiss river series. 

Rating ; 8/10


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