Wednesday, 22 May 2013

To Seek a Master - Monica Belle (*)

Genre; Erotica
Release Date - Rerelease- 11th April 2013
Beautiful but shy Laura works for a powerful company, where it seems that every man harbors hidden desires for her. But if only, she thinks with shame, they could guess at her own torrid fantasies about them. Her subtle provocations are not going unnoticed or unappreciated—in fact, they are taking her into dangerous territory with several men. But the real object of her desire is "The Devil." A masterful and arrogant figure, he both terrifies and thrills her with his emails. He is a man intent on becoming her complete master, a man she would have to serve in ways that make her head spin. But isn't that what she always wanted

Having previously read shorter black lace novels, i was excited to read another one, having only delved into short stories i thought this would give me more chance to indulge in a story line. I found this book was very slow starting but i had seen in other reviews that this was case. It tells the story of Laura, who spends her life reading on the train (old fashioned smut) and indulging in fantasies, but this all changes with one email from "the controller" who has spied her and takes a chance, with that we step into the world of "the controllers.  I found this book for me as a reader, a bit lack lustre, whilst it had all the elements to make it a very sexy story, i just couldnt quite enjoy it. I felt some of the language used was a bit silly for example, bouncy bottom *snigger* Now, i can read smut without a giggle but i couldnt with this, now i no black lace is an older erotica brand, and so i feel this could be targeted at someone who is slowly joining erotica. However, i feel i have read enough to give a constructive view, i hate giving anything a bad review, but for me - it just didn't work, which is a shame.


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