Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Reads & First Page Friday

Hi everyone, i have returned with #Fridayreads 
At the moment i am reading the following;

So, for my first page friday - i am sharing The Crying Tree;

"October 1 2004 - The death warrabt arrived that morning, packaged in a large white envelope marked confidential and addressed to Tab Mason, Superintendent, Oregon State Penitentiary. Mason has been warned the order might be coming. A couple of weeks earlier, the Crook County DA had let word slip that after nineteen years on death row, condemned murderer Daniel Joseph Robbin had stopped his appeals. 
Mason dropped the enevelope on his desk, along with a file about as thick as his fist, then ran his hand over the top of his cleanly shaved skull. He'd been in corrections for twenty years - Illinois, Louisiana, Florida - and on execution detail a half-dozen occsions, but he'd never been in charge of the actual procdeure. Those other times he'd simply walked the guy into the room, strapped him down, opened the blinds on the witness booth, then stood back and waited."

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