Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lola Bensky - Lily Brett(*)

Release Date; Septemeber 2012
Lola Bensky is a nineteen-year-old rock journalist who irons her hair straight and asks a lot of questions. A high-school dropout, she's not sure how she got this job - but she's been sent by her Australian newspaper right to the heart of the London music scene a the most exciting time in music history: 1967.
Drawing on her own experience as a young journalist, the bestselling author of 'Too Many Men' has created an unforgettable character in the unconventional and couragous Lola. Genuinely funny and deeply moving, 'Lola Bensky' shows why Lily Brett is one of Australia's most distinctive and internationally acclaimed author

I thought this would be a "cool" read. A rock journalist interviewing some of the biggest stars? yes please. However, that aside, i felt the book lacked a real storyline, i felt it focused alot on the interviews, then just jumped to another part of Lolas life. I understand it was to give an overview of the characters life, yet it felt needless to me. I found that although it covered most of Lolas life, it never really had a reason. I found that the book was however, well written and to the point, in fact i really enjoyed the writing style of the author.  I just wished it had being a more complete story. Although, i bloody love Jimi Hendrix and for that fact, all the music mentioned, i think its time to open spotify to listen to some rock music.

Rating; 4/10

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