Saturday, 22 June 2013

This weeks books!

Hi everyone, so it's Saturday , i am sharing this weeks books! 
1. Cari Silverwood - Rough Surrender after seeing a review over on Scorching book reviews of a book by the same author, i thought i had to dabble, so this took my fancy and its only £3 on kindle. The mentioned review is here.
2. Chasing Beautiful - Pamela Ann this was a free book in the kindle store, so i obviously decided i best read it for no pennies. So , it has fairly good reviews, a girls not too complain.
3.This Lullaby & That Summer - Sarah Dessen thanks to this video i finally commited to reading some Sarah Dessen, after all she is the queen of beach reads.

1.The Seed Farm - Ruby Lord this is a take on a generic dystopian novel apprently, and i recently said i am looking to branch into it. So this is popped on my tbr.
2. Vegas Was Her Name - Jonathan Sturak - This has good reviews on goodreads, so when the author approached me, i happily accepted a tale of life with a bit of erotica in a bright city? My kind of thing!
3. Enraptured - Shoshanna Evers Browsing the netgalley Erotica section, as i am often known to do , i stumbled upon this, a quick goodreads trawl left me desperate to read this, hello approvel! :D
Life For Rent - Emmie Lou Kates - I have recently featured this on my blog, and i am looking forward to delving into these books.

So, this is all this weeks finds and purchases, i am looking forward into delving into these, what did you pick up?!


  1. Cool book haul! Is it weird that I haven't read a Sarah Dessen book? LOL

  2. Nice haul, and so many good book. I am curious about Chasing Beautiful and still need to read a Dessen book. My haul posts tomorrow on The Sunday Post.

  3. I've read That Summer by Sarah Dessen, so you'll have to tell me what you think once you read it! She's an author from right near where I live, so she's sort of a local celebrity! She was just in town for a book signing and I was so sad I couldn't go! If you haven't, you should watch the movie How to Deal with Mandy Moore as it is based on her books That Summer and Someone Like You! xx

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

    1. I have just started that summer and i am hooked! Oh, i would love to go to a book signing, jealous!! xxx