Friday, 19 July 2013

A penny down the well - J.A Crook(*)

Genre; Horror
Release date; TOMORROW
In the second collection from horror author J. A. Crook, readers will be exposed to a myriad of harrowing tales from one of the most unique minds in horror today. "Down the Drain," is a story where Jared, a new renter at a low-class apartment, is subjected to the apartment's vile past, and is left to encounter the very mystery that terrorized the prior tenant.  "Their Last Ride" puts you behind the wheel with Clint, who has happened onto a position with the nearby funeral home, but becomes quickly aware of the harsh demands of driving the dead.  "A Penny Down the Well" will shock you as it explores a segment of a bullied child's life, and how a little wish enacts a revenge on his enemies in ways he could have never expected.  "The Wheezing Man" corrals you into the strange town of Glencoe, Kentucky, where the Quinn family decides to make a stop to avoid a coming storm, only to step into the very center of something much, much worse.  "Our Spirits Out West" will take readers along the old Oregon Trail with the Greyson party, to encounter adventure and hope which inevitably deteriorates into terror and helplessness, begging the question of what darkness we people will resort to in order to survive the worst of the world.  These five tales will thrill and horrify you from start to finish, certain to pervade your nightmares for years to come

This was an interesting read, to say the least. I firstly found the stories to be short enough to delve in and out of, all be it there were probably more suitable to someone younger than me, im thinking my brother would bloody love this. So, anyway, the stories are all completely different, my favourite was without a doubt "their last ride" . I found they all have a quick pace and get to the point of horror swiftly, and before you know it, the story is over leaving you with a mixed bag of feelings, usually a bit squemish and horrified. Whilst these didnt horrify me, they certainly left me a bit uncomfortable. I would reccomend this to a younger audience who like a bit of horror, somewhere just after the age of goosebumps and point horror. 

Rating; 6/10

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