Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Author interview #2 - Deb Ling

1. Why do you write?
There are a couple of reasons that I write. The main reason is I love to share what I have learned in the Lord through the scriptures and my relationship with Him. I also like to help others. 

2. What inspired you?
 My first book, The Walking Wounded, was inspired by my healing. I am an ex abuse victim, and when I was healed of my past, my entire life changed. I wanted to help others to receive that same freedom from their past.

3. Your favourite thing you have written - book/scene/blog post?  
I don't have a favorite book. Each of my books are brought about from a portion of my life, each step bringing me further to where I am today. 
The Walking Wounded (for women) and The Wounded Soldier (for men), are books on healing wounds. They came out of my experiences as an abuse victim, and later in healing. Though wounds can come in many forms, such as divorce, a lost relationship, or death.
Prophetic Dance Hidden in Plain View, came about when prophetic dance was imparted to me at a worship conference.
Submission through Unconditional Love came about from my divorce, and what I learned - too late to save my marriage. I hope that others will read it before it is too late for them.
A New Day, a 31 day devotional was a tribute to the scriptures and how to approach each day when starting a new job, a new year, or maybe a new relationship.
My latest, Web Junction an allegory is about online marketing, and how to avoid the pitfalls.
The one I am working on now is The Devil's Twins, which should be out before the year is done.

4. A bit about yourself
I am a California girl through and through, even though I have lived all over the country, my heart always brings me back. I have a son and two beautiful granddaughters.
I love to write. But then, I enjoy all that I put my hand to. I currently sing in the church choir, run the Children's Church ministry, as well as the Youth Group in our church. I will soon be starting an Aglow Lighthouse in our area. I like to stay busy doing the Lord's work.

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