Saturday, 27 July 2013

July Book Haul

Hi all, this month i have picked up a few books on a whim almost. So time to share;

1. Stephen King - The Shining I fancied something completely different to what i read, and this is def up there.
2. Lucy Diamond - Summer with my sister I am a huge fan of Lucy Diamonds books and when i spotted this in the library i had to check it out.
3. Bleeding Hearts - Ian Rankin I solely got this for the cover from the library, so far its okay, i havent read any books like this, so its a nice one to try.
4. Oz Collection 3 & 4 - L. Frank Baum - I have 1&2 so i am trying to finish the collection,  i havent read any so far, but the covers are beautiful
5. 1984 - George Orwell - Scott told me i would enjoy this, so i got it, again something different to what i usually read.
6. Before The Storm - Diane Chamberlain - One of my fav authors, so it wasnt obvious i would pick another of her books up, this is the one my mum is reading, so i jumped on the bandwagon.

Happy Saturday!!

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