Monday, 29 July 2013

Office Toy - Cleo Peitsche

Genre; Adult/Erotica/P*rn
Release Date; October 2012
Office Toy is an erotic MfMM (3 guys, 1 lucky gal) BDSM story of 8,400 words.

Elle’s job interview starts with Cunningham throwing away her cheap clothes and sending his assistant to buy new outfits. He’s got her naked, so of course he’ll lay her out on the conference table and claim her mouth. Soon Elle is trussed up, all of her holes stretched full while three hot men have their wicked way.

She loves her first tastes of liberated, naughty sex. But she’d better not start falling for her boss—no matter how safe he makes her feel—because while office sex is encouraged, romance is strictly forbidden.

This story contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. For adults only.

This was not for me, this was to blatantly rude, now i read smut like its going out of fashion, but i like at least a bit of effort towards a story. This didn't, basically Elle goes for an interview unlike any other, it soon turns into alot of sex with alot of men.  I found the writing style bland and overall, felt like this didn't appeal for me, there was no real tension between the characters and even the lust wasnt that great. I hate to lowly score something but when it doesnt work for me - it just doesnt.
Rating ; 2/10

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