Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Cicada Survival Guide (Volume 1) by M. Eigh (*)

Release date;  May 2013
How many cicadas does it take to bring down an elevator in an apartment building? Can a deadly cicada turn a Secret Service agent into a murderer? Why did a huge swarm of Brood II cicadas attack a CIA Deputy Director on the steps of the Capital Hill ... More importantly, were they carriers of something lethal?

Do you want to know why the government has launched a massive aerial insecticide spray in an attempt to wipe the cicadas out? Do you even know how to defend yourself with taser shakes? If you don't, better pick up a copy of "The Cicada Survival Guide" today.

For those brave enough, a victory can be celebrated with a feast on these bugs. Delicious and battle-tested cicada recipes included

This was a short read for me, and i read it in a matter of hours, afterwards i found myself stuck with the review. So, this for me - i didn't enjoy it. As a story i thought i could delve in, i found myself a bit unimpressed, however this would suit my brother to a tee! Bugs, spies and recipes, one happy 12 year old. I found that it would appeal to a younger audience than me, a 22 y/o smut reading female. I like to dabble in other books, i do but it was a shame this never worked. It's something i would reccomend to those with sons, who are between a child, less than a teenager. The story follows the Cicadas as they venture into the world, how to tackle them, and even how to cook them! It was just a shame i didnt fancy it.

Rating; 4/10

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