Sunday, 25 August 2013

ARC Time

As an avid reader, i feel very privileged to be regarded by authors as a reader who can give an honest opinion and often help spread the word of indie authors, i have found some fab authors from reading ARCS, as a "professional" reader for netgalley, I only request books I believe suit me. I get plenty of emails from authors asking for reviews and if they suit me of course i agree.
So lately, i have hit a reading slump, i just cannot be bothered to read, and with ARCS stacking up, i thought Id put this post out there, so im getting back into reading.
I am commiting myself to my arc stash, I have plenty to stick into it, and after seeing Read, Rinse, Repeats ARC august, I know its my turn.
I want to say, I appreciate all the authors who regard me enough as a voice to share there books, I apoligise in the delay, I hope I am forgiven and i am looking forward to getting into some fab books by fab authors!

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