Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Autumn Book Tag

So, today is another different post, i have seen this tag floating around youtube the last couple of weeks or so now, and i wanted in - so here is my take. The video is linked below should you wish to watch it.

 The Questions
What is your favorite thing about autumn?
The candles, the smells - i love the spiced ones, pumpkin, baking, and just genuinely warming scent. Wearing my winter hat, and spending the evening in my big fluffy dressing gown.
What book reminds you of school? 
The Suitcase Kid - By the wonderful ms wilson, i desperately wanted to read it, and when i did - i loved it, im remember my friend reading it and i knew then i had to have it, i got it from the library every week.
What is one of your favorite autumn-related book covers?
 I picked ready player one  & the luxe, due to the colourings of the covers themselves.
 What is your favorite horror or Halloween story?
I used to be obsessed with Room 13 , i re read it so many times, i loved it, its about a school trip to a hotel ,and the mysterious room 13 that just appears.
What are some of your favorite horror films?
Im not a  big horror person, i used to love hills have eyes 1 &2 and ghost ship, all which i cannot stand now, i also think the strangers is very clever.
What is a book release you're looking forward to this autumn?
There is only one and that Just one year by Gayle Forman, i am so desperate for it!
What is a film release you're looking forward to this autumn? Im not overally fussed by films, i had to pick one i would say catching fire.
What are three books you want to read this autumn? I would like to finally finish to kill a mockingbird, i would love to reread Jane Eyre & i would love to read a Bill Bryson!

The video is on youtube here


  1. Autumn is a great season! Not too cold, but not too warm, either.

    Jacqueline Wilson is the best author. She was a great read when I was growing up. I may even get one out to read.

    Love the post and video :)