Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Sunday Post

So, sticking to my blogging diary has worked wonders and i feel i have committed to my little baby blog alot more.  It means i can accept more book requests, and features, and actually get them out at the right time! Something i have failed with miserably in the past. The last week has seen me enjoy reading alot more, especially since we created a little reading corner, complete with beanbag and radio, its really pleasant and out the way. I have also been making a huge effort to comment on blogs i like or even just read; two of my favourite posts this week are; Two Boys Kissing Review & Poison Study Review both by two of my current favourite bloggers. I have also been enjoying the cooler weather that Autumn is bringing, and in celebration burning my new wax tarts - orange spice. I wish you all a happy Sunday, im going to read some more, then head out to work later on today. I also have a new book twitter so feel free to chat to me on @afternoonbooker

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