Thursday, 26 September 2013

When the Love is Gone (Music from the Soul, #1) by Melissa N. Burnett(*)

Genre; Adult/Fiction
Release date; May 2012
Have you ever wondered why your parents chose each other as mates when they were never a good match in the first place? Ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn’t have your mother’s aggressive temperament or your father’s gullible ways? Angela “Angie” Phelps-Frank has grown up in a dysfunctional home, where her only means of coping is through music and her father’s love. Their bond stirs bitterness and jealousy in her mother, which creates a life-long wedge between them. When her father is murdered, Angie is bereft. She becomes angry, afraid, aggressive, confrontational, and always ready for a good fight. She’s also always ready for a good man. This new fiction eBook is the first of four installments from the “Music from the Soul” series.

This to me, started as a coming of age story, and i wasn't all too sure where it was going, or even whether there would be much point to it as a book. We start off learning about Angies relationship with her father, and the anger his death causes, over time we see how something as tragic as that can effect someone for life. Broken up with songs that indicate different parts of Angies life, we see how love, music & god can help a person through. I am usually not a fan of books that show the importance of God (my choice) but this was subtle enough to be there, without fully forcing it in the readers face. The writing style allows for the story to flow smoothly, and transition to different life chapters without a huge gap. For something i thought was not going to have much point, it was a great read , and essentially we followed one womens journey through life. I would most certainly like to read some more from the series, and hopefully learn more about the other characters in the book, as they all had their own distinctive personality.
Rating; 6/10

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