Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Book Inspired Bucket List.

This is a different sort of post for me, but after having a conversation with the Mr i thought i would share it with you all too; reading for me, gives me alot of lifestyle dreaming, i love how books can take you too different towns, and make you feel like you belong, this is essentially my bucket list of things books have made me want too do; i will include some of the books that have made me want too do these things as well. I hope you enjoy this.

1.Drink whisky in a blues club
This has stemmed from meeting trouble lets ignore the fact im not a whisky drinker, but its something i long too do, listen to some beautiful music, have a whisky on the rocks and maybe a dance

2. Go to a proper all american bar and drink beer from a bottle
The main culprit for this was Love Unscripted . I dont even like beer, but i love the idea, this book features alot of time in a bar, playing pool and drinking beer. 

3. BBQ on the beach and eat shrimp
Nicholas Sparks is my downfall this, he often writes beautifully about the coast, group bbqs, restaurants on the pier that serve shrimp, all washed down with a beer or two (i promise, i dont usually drink alot of alcohol)

4. Work in a beach cafe
Guess which book inspired this? ha..The Beach Cafe after reading this i was hooked on the idea of living by a beautiful coastline and running a cafe.

5. Visit Paris, and eat in quaint cafes and drink coffee
I am not a coffee drinker but i love the notion, this stemmed from Just one day primarly but has since been influenced by other books

This is a post i may update, and maybe one day i will do some of these things, but non the less i thought it fun, and really, this is how much books affect me; has a book inspired you to do something??

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