Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fall Into Love - Serena Akeroyd (*)

Genre; Adult/Erotica
Release Date; August 2013
When Simone Barranquet meets Zane Matthews on a night out with her friends, little does she know that her life is about to change.

Crashing into Zane, her mundane existence is teetering on the edge. A whole new world of sexual exploration awaits her, if she's willing to take a leap of faith in a man she doesn't know who leads a life she can't understand.

 This is a short bout of smut, and i was perfectly happy to accept that, its a case of instalust, and well, it goes from there. We dont learn much about the characters, but what we learn is what they indulge in was needed. The ending left me a bit like woah - what has happened here...come on part 2 i need to accept you into my life,!

Rating; 6/10

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