Monday, 7 October 2013

Keeping Score by Jami Deise(*)

Genre; Momlit
Release date; July 2013
When her 9-year-old son wanted to play summer travel baseball, Shannon had no idea the toughest competition was off the field.... When her son Sam asks to try out for a travel baseball team, divorced mom Shannon Stevens thinks it'll be a fun and active way to spend the summer. Boy, is she wrong! From the very first practice, Shannon and Sam get sucked into a mad world of rigged try-outs, professional coaches, and personal hitting instructors. But it's the crazy, competitive parents who really make Shannon's life miserable. Their sons are all the second coming of Babe Ruth, and Sam isn't fit to fetch their foul balls. Even worse, Shannon's best friend Jennifer catches the baseball fever. She schemes behind the scenes to get her son Matthew on the town's best baseball team, the Saints. As for Sam? Sorry, there's no room for him! Sam winds up on the worst team in town, and every week they find new and humiliating ways to lose to the Saints. And the action off the field is just as hot. Shannon finds herself falling for the Saints' coach, Kevin. But how can she date a man who didn't think her son was good enough for his team ... especially when the whole baseball world is gossiping about them? Even Shannon's ex-husband David gets pulled into the mess when a randy baseball mom goes after him. As Sam works to make friends, win games and become a better baseball player, Shannon struggles not to become one of those crazy baseball parents herself. In this world, it's not about whether you win, lose, or how you play the game... it's all about KEEPING SCORE

Shannon, a single mom and her baseball loving son take on pretty much the whole team in alot of intense relationships, the author does a great job of describing and creating brilliant characters who are memorable, although is most certainly alot of them so make sure you keep track. We bascially watch through Shannons eyes which i feel is why the description is so vivid. Okay, i wanted this book to work for me, and it did in parts but in others it failed miserably, but i am not a sports mom - so i didnt kind of understand alot. The author did mention this was Momlit - and i agree a 100% and you know, it would work for that audience. So - there is alot of baseball in this book, and that is where i struggled, i am english, i don't know all too much about the ins and outs of baseball and the focus on it was you know, kind of key in this book. I did like the underlying stories of love, relationships and crazy women, that did appeal to me, because thats the kind of story i opt for. So, overall this was mid range book for me, i think it was written well and very detailed and if i was a competitive american mom - it would be bloody brilliant, i am not however, but i am not one to slate a book, so i took it for what it was, and the mainly focused on the relationships between the characters and tuned out the baseball and in the end it was a good.

Rating; 5/10

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