Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Kindle Shelf Tour

Welcome back to my little blog, and today is the follow up post to a video im popping online, i was asked to do a tour of my kindle shelves, so why not. My kindle is split into several shelves/collections so lets go.

  • Shelve 1; Review This is the home for my review books obviously, most of mine are in this format. Netgalley obviously provides ebooks for those who are lucky to be approved, im also grateful to all the authors who choose to send me books, and they got popped here and i spend my time working through them.
  • Shelve 2; Classics Most of these came free from amazon and thats the thing i love about how many classics are free, meaning i often pop them here and i feel no rush to read through them.
  • Shelve 3; YA I apparently don't read alot of YA, but when i look on my kindle, i do or at least intend on it. There is several books that i am desperate to read such as divergent  and love unrehearsed, which i picked up in the summer and completely forgot about.
  • Shelve 4; NA  This is a new shelf with only 3 books on at the moment, but this is a genre i am currently loving and hooked on so i decide to prepare for books i will be picking up, because this shelf is obviously going to be filled up.
  • Shelve 5; Chick Lit I thought this would be fuller but it was one of the first shelves i made, and its what i read alot of.
  • Shelve 6; Romance This has mainly free kindle books that dont really fit any other shelf, these are usually the short and sweet ones that are a good stopping point between full books.
  •  Shelve 7; Adult Not to be mistaken for smut but works of adult ficition, so there is the casual vacancy and the cuckoos calling in there as well as some Nora Roberts ect.
  • Shelve 8;  Smut This is the home for all my sexy romance novels, i love them and its probably the largest shelf, I find most books i lean towards are smut and well, why not. 
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