Thursday, 17 October 2013

ROCK ME: WICKED by Arabella Quinn (*)

Genre; Adult/Romance
Release date; September 2013

Second chances don’t always come knocking… When Lena reunites with Alex Lavigne, gorgeous lead guitarist with the sexy tattoos and nimble fingers, passions ignite…but she’ll learn the hard way that loving a bad boy rock star is never easy.

I needed a quick book fix yesterday, i wanted something,short and to the point but that would satisfy my reading appetite. This was the second in the rock star romance set, and whilst i had heard of Arabella Quinn, i hadnt read any of her works. So, we meet Lena and her best friend planning to go see a gig, staring Alex, Lenas best friend from college, life got in the way and the pair were no longer in each others lives. As the night wears on, and after a few beers it becomes totally clear that Lena, wants and probably needs to see Alex. What follows is highly passionate, but  there is something more to it. The sex is well written, and the emotions between the characters are real, throw a crazy groupie into the mix and what follows is a truely fantastic story. I always fear with short stories they wont have enough time to develop the characters and the story, but alas once more this is not the case. All i know is, i need to read part 2 which has an estimated release date for Decemeber - NOW!

Rating; 7/10

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  1. I didn't know about this books - thank you. I'm looking for more rock stars novels.

    Glass @ Way Too Hot Books