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The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks - Guess Review//Emma - emmaiswriting

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Ninety-one-year-old Ira Levinson is in trouble. Struggling to stay conscious after a car crash, with his mind fading, an image of his adored – and long-dead – wife Ruth appears. Urging him to hang on, she lovingly recounts the joys and sorrows of their life together – how they met, the dark days of WWII and its unrelenting effect on their families.
A few miles away, college student Sophia Danko’s life is about to change. Recovering from a break-up, she meets the young, rugged Luke and is thrown into a world far removed from her privileged school life. Sophia sees a new and tantalising future for herself, but Luke is keeping a secret that could destroy it all.
Ira and Ruth. Sophia and Luke. Two couples, separated by years and experience, whose lives are about to converge in the most unexpected – and shocking – of ways.

This is probably the hardest review I have yet to write. I enjoyed every single page but I can’t find the words to explain how beautiful it was. I took my time reading this novel, normally it takes me 2-3 days but with this, I wanted to savour every moment because we don’t know when his next novel will be released. I read The Longest Ride in a week and that was the best reading week I’ve had in a long time. Usually, I only make a couple of notes but this time, I made three pages worth. Well, he is one of my favourite authors after all.
The first three chapters introduce the characters perfectly. Ira, who is a 91 year old gentleman has been involved in a car crash and from the first page we meet him, Nicholas pulls on our heart strings. If anything can make me emotional, it’s seeing an elderly person suffer. When Ira falls asleep in the car, after the crash, we met his wife, Ruth who appears in his memory. Four months earlier to the crash, we meet Sophia, the blonde college beauty who is anything but the stereotypical sorority house girl and we also meet Luke. Luke is slowly becoming my favourite Sparks hunk! He is a handsome bull rider who takes constant care of his Mum. We learn little of their pasts, but in time, we learn a great deal.
Nicholas Sparks always picks beautiful locations for his novels and it is no surprise that he picked another one for his seventeenth novel. The Longest Ride is set in North Carolina and even though I haven’t been there, his words took me to the beautiful place. The reason why I read his novels are because of his descriptions; they’re spectacular and readers/writers are able to learn a great deal from him.
The change of point of view is rare in novels and sometimes, readers find themselves confused because the writers haven’t highlighted the speaker clearly enough. In The Longest Ride, Nicholas does it without fault. Each chapter is dedicated to either Ira, Luke or Sophia and once, we are presented with a paragraph from Luke’s mother. His characters are always believable and they trust one another within moments of meeting but I guess that is what happens when you meet your true love.
Throughout the narrative, I wondered what the link between the two couples was and we slowly learn of this just past the halfway point. Once you read it, it becomes obvious. It is impossible for readers not to get emotional when reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. He is the only author who has made me almost cry (that’s another story for another time!), I was able to get lost in the world of Sophia and Luke easily, but with Ira and his wife Ruth, I found their story to be less interesting. Perhaps it was down to the age difference or perhaps the war was mentioned which isn’t my strongest point. Half way through the narrative there is a relatively big shock. I was in the hospital waiting room when I happened to read it and a couple of people began to snigger at my reaction. I love reading in public!
All in all, it was a beautiful novel from Nicholas Sparks. He is one author who can never disappoint me. I can’t wait to hear the news of when the film adaptation will be released.
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