Friday, 8 November 2013

Bah, Humbug! (A Christmas Street Romantic Comedy Novellas #1) by Heather Horrocks

Genre; Chick lit
Release date; Sept 2011

Lexi Anderson is an up-and-coming, Martha Stewart-type TV hostess whose two kids love the Jared Strong adventure novels, which happen to be written by their new neighbor, Kyle Miller.For the first time in his writing career, Kyle has writer's block - until he sees the snowman on his lawn and realizes this is the perfect place for his villain to hide the weapon. He digs into the snowman to discover two things: the weapon fits int he body just under the head, and the snowman was supposed to be the back drop for Lexi's next show.
From this improbable beginning comes friendship. Can there be more for a woman who is afraid to get close again and a man who has shadows from his childhood?
Families join together and hearts are healed as this couple goes walking in a winter wonderland.

This is the first book i picked to read for the holiday readathon, and do you know what it was a nice start. This was a free kindle book i picked up from the amazon store. We start off been introduced to a modern day Martha Stewart in the form of Lexi Anderson, a true lover of christmas. When she moves house, she comes across Kyle Miller destroying her snowman - as trivial as it sounds, it was the start of  a relatively short but festive romance. Kyle isn't too keen on christmas, so just put the two together and well ah - festive fun begins.
He wanted to drop what he held in his arms and pull her into them
Its short, sweet and filled with festive fun and family just what you want from this sort of read. It wasn't very long at only 96 pages, which mean i flew through it, and if you are interested there is a 2 further novellas based on christmas street at only 70p for kindle, its not a bad find.

Rating; 6/10

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