Friday, 1 November 2013

Crazy Little Thing Called Lust (Naughty Nookie #2) by Serena Akeroyd (*)

 Genre; Erotica
Release date; Sept 2013
After the revelations that sprang forth after her one night stand, Simone feels both betrayed and guilty as hell in the aftermath. When Zane calls her, looking to take her out again, what can she say apart from, ‘Get real! And while you’re at it, get lost!’

But when Zane refuses to take her rejection and forces her to listen to his unorthodox tale, he sets Simone on to a path she never imagined impossible.

With her life changing about her, only her friends can keep her grounded.

But does she want to have her feet planted firmly on the ground?

Or is she ready for adventure?

Even if that adventure means her becoming something that goes against her every principle
 I recently reviewed part 1 and stated how much i needed part 2, well it was as good as i expected but now what i can say but part 3 where the heck are you?! This book carries on from part 1 obviously, but the thing is, this time we learn something about the characters, their emotions and a bit even of their pasts and thats nice. I loved 1 but i couldn't overly connect with them, now i am hooked. 
Life can't always be cookie-cutter and you have to grab what happiness you can, when fate is kind enough to hand you it
Sometimes life isnt simple, sometimes things are complicated but sometimes these situations are just out of our hands, and this book looks at that. Its real, gritty and oh has some beautifully written sex. It takes the characters to a new level in their relationship and thats what it is, theirs, oh - i need part 3 and i think this would work wonders as one whole book!
Lusts a crazy little thing, Mona. Hits you in ways you cant understand; just as powerful as love in its own way

Rating; 7/10

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