Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Sunday Post

Welcome back to Afternoonbookery, i feel this week has been lacking on the book front and i don't really fancy posting all i have done on the blog - so i thought i would just have a chatter with you all.

So; i have spent a bit more time on youtube this week, doing reviews, wrapups and what have you, its been nice to be back doing that.
I also spent some time prepping for nanowrmo, yes i am taking part, its the first time i have made it public and so far i am enjoying the experience and where it is going.
I also got round to starting some really old review books in an attempt to clean up my kindle, and do you know what? Its a pretty good book i am reading!!
Finally, i am hoping to finally finish the physical book i am reading tonight, i dont have too much left and it seems to be finally drawing to a conclusion.

So, this is only a short post but thats my life atm! :)

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