Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Forbidden Surrender (Surrender #1) by Priscilla West(*)

“What gives you a thrill Kristen?”

The minute I saw Vincent Sorenson, I knew he was trouble. Billionaire. Bad boy. And dangerously sexy. He was everything I craved, and nothing I needed.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just avoid him. The higher ups at my company decided they needed his business, and I was on the team to bring him in. Vincent Sorenson didn’t seem as interested in business as he was in me, but I knew that was a door better left unopened. If I got involved with him, it would only unearth the pain I spent years trying to bury.

I thought I had it under control, but I seriously underestimated Vincent’s seductive charm and silver-tongue. I would soon find out how delicious it would feel to let myself fall into this forbidden surrender.
I spy another book boyfriend, let me introduce you to the beauty that is Vincent, sometimes i read an ARC then get so frustrated because it means i have to wait forever for the sequel - then realising there is two more books out - woohoo!!. this been one of them times. Kristen is on a business trip trying to win over a new client, however said client is a beautiful bad boy billionaire, that clearly wants Kristen. Kristen, despite how much she wants him puts up her guard (due to issues from a past relationship) . However, when we catch rare glimpses of the couple they could be, it warms me through. They are another case of annoying characters whose heads i want to bang together. That all been said, this was a lovely dose  of adult romance to ease back into the genre with. This is only a short review but, honestly its one to keep an eye out for.


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