Monday, 16 December 2013

Undeniable (Undeniable #1) by Madeline Sheehan

Warning: This is not a "typical love story". This is an all-consuming, soul-crushing, tear-your-heart-into-pieces story. It’s intense, gritty and raw, dark and disturbing, and it doesn’t happen overnight. This is an epic love story that knows no boundaries and has no time limits. It grows and develops—with hurt, sacrifice, and heartache—over the span of a lifetime.

Eva Fox is the princess of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club. Growing up with bikers in the club lifestyle is all that she knows. When she’s a young girl, Eva meets the reason for her existence. Deuce West is the sexy, biker bad-ass of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Like Eva, he was born and raised in the club—but that’s where the similarities end. Their first meeting is innocent, but as Eva matures into a woman, their chance reunions evolve into a fit of lust and love. Fate continues to bring them together time and time again, but their twisted journey is filled with pain, betrayal, and bloodshed that could tear them apart. Eva sees in Deuce what he cannot see in himself—a man worthy of love—and Eva spends her lifetime proving to him that her undeniable love is the one thing he can’t live without.

This is Eva and Deuce’s story.

It wasn’t easy.
Nothing worth doing ever is.
And love is worth everything
I am so so glad this book comes with a warning, because nothing could have prepared me for the complex emotions i felt as i flew through this story, We meet Eva & Deuce, when Eva is only a small child and Deuce 18 - an odd basis for a romance ill admit but whatever, we follow them through the twists and turns of life as they continuelly bump into each other. Their relationship is beautiful, but devastating, almost all the time i wanted to bang their heads together to make them see sense.
When it comes to you darlin’ I got no fuckin’ sense. You fuckin’ pull me in until you’re all I can fuckin’ see and suddenly I can’t fuckin’ breathe but I don’t care cuz, babe, you’re you, and I ain’t never met anyone as fuckin’ perfect as you.
I loved them both as characters, as frustrating as they were, they were individual, they were nothing i had met in a book before. This book was gritty, raw and exactly what i wanted from it and more. Im just a little sad we will not hear how the story goes, although in all honesty i dont think my emotions could handle much more. I have tried to keep this review short and sweet otherwise ill start to ramble.

5/5 every single time!

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  1. Wow this sounds intense and I love that their paths continually crossed. I am adding this one to my list