Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Book Resolutions

Welcome back everyone, and i hope so far the new year is treating you all well. I just wanted to share my book resolutions for the year, and my new goodreads target.

  • Read more physical books - i spend alot of time with my kindle but this year im all about the book.
  • Read more classics - i have several in my collection now, and i really need to indulge in them, especially my favourite of Jane Eyre
  • Use my book twitter more - i log in and post my blog posts but i feel like i need to recconect with it and my followers
  • Feature more - i post alot of reviews but im looking for new features to take place on my blog.
  • Discover new authors - i tend to stick to authors i know and love, this year i want to fall in love with new authors.
  • Try new genres - i stick with the same genre of books, this year i want to branch out specifically into dystopian further.

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