Saturday, 25 January 2014

Admitting your a book lover and have a stream of fictional boyfriends....

I admit it, i love having a stream of book boyfriends that i can fall in and out of love with, todays post is an ode to those like me, that fall for these fictional men on a weekly basis, its time to own up and be proud!

 First things first, i am a book lover in general, fiction books, chick lit, romance, adult, erotica are my genres of choice, so hence i am subscribed to many blogs that love the same, especially Schmexy Girl Book Blog that means my wishlist of books is endless, because i want to read them all, i want to meet these wonderous broken damaged men that always need the love of an honest woman to solve their issues...*Ahem*
All these lovely blogs then provide links for the books, then oops their on my kindle, just like that. I have a kindle full, plenty of books and i still one click these new romances i come across. Facebook romance pages don't help either along with liking all my favourite authors, all this promotional stuff works on me, it means i have to have the latest book, or enter the comps to win a signed copy, i am yet to do so *boohoo*.
So lets go back to where it all began shall we?

Mr Grey
It all started one shopping trip in asda, i was browsing the bookshelfs and spotted fifty shades of grey, picking the book up an assistant came over and asked i had heard of it? I said no, she asked if i was openminded i said in what way? She flicked through several pages of the book with me, and well, thats where it all started the next day i headed back to get books two and three. Mr Grey was my first love, whilst since then i have moved on to other men, he will always hold a special place in my heart. Although i still wish Charlie Hunman was playing Mr Grey because , well look at him. That aside, Mr Grey opened up a genre of books for me that have slowly taken over my shelves at current there is 30 sexy books on my kindle.

I have met the likes of some wonderful men like Gideon Cross, Jesse Ward & Deuce, there has been some brief flings with the likes of Damien Stark and stormy eyes himself William Lambourne as well as last nights indulgence Cash. Even finding things for this post has resulted in one one click. Some of these books have love at their heart, some are all sex and no backing which in small doses i can deal with. 

The best book in terms of romance for 2013 was Madeline Sheehans Undeniable, i am still reeling from it. Its essentially Sons Of Anarchy in book form, a story of love over the years, it was so gritty and raw and i am yet to read anything on par, i dont even want to read others in the series because i am only interested in Deuce.

This post is an ode to all those sexy romance lovers, all the men find amongst the pages and somewhere to share my obsession, im sure facebook is getting sick of me liking all the ecards.... so please share your loves with me.


  1. OMG I love this!! Thank you so much for naming us and you've just gained a new follower!! oxoxoxo

    <3 Schmexy Girls!!

    1. Thankyou soo much for the follow xxxx

  2. Haha this is amazing! Totally agree with the book boyfriends!