Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Love Me Mama : The Unfavored Child - Elsie Reed(*)

This book is a story of an unfavoured child called Victoria. Vicky suffered because of the favouritism her mother showed among her four children, discriminating against Vicky. The difficulties of life led Vicky to build a wall of defense around her. Vicky’s difficult life led her to master the art of escaping the pains of rejection by becoming a high achiever. She thought she was fine and doing all right until the day when her mother died. At that moment, Vicky realized that she never had a mother who loved her. She never would because life cheated her out of a mother and now death had too. The book takes you through the trials and tribulations that Vicky faced before she emerged successful

I recieved this along time ago and just put it off, eventually as a bid to get 2014 off to a good start, i hit the review pile and got going. This is a story of a pretty much unloved child, now i went through a phase of reading all the horrible abuse books ie; a child called it, the kid ect ect so i thought this would be similiar. That is not true, this is essentially one womans story of her life, its written as though she is narrating it to you, almost like it would be perfect for audiobook. I didnt enjoy this persay, but more found it interesting. I wouldnt say read this for a story, but sometimes its nice to look at other peoples lives.

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