Monday, 27 January 2014

The Disney Book Tag

Today is something a little different, i spotted this sometime last week on youtube and wanted to give it a go, whilst i really struggled and i spent a good few hours thinking up answers, i thought i would be honest and share what i actually got with you all, alternately i have posted this on youtube.

What is your favorite Disney movie?
Always, everytime it is beauty and the beast, closely followed by Cinderella however in all honesty i am a huge disney girl at heart - i always have been.
Who is your favorite Disney heroine? Who is her book counterapart?
Can i say Belle? Well i have, someone similiar in a recent read is Olivia Townsend, shes shy to an extent and once she has her head round things shes incredibly loyal, a bit like Belle with the beast.
Who is your favorite Disney hero? Who is their book counterpart?
Aladdin, but he is not really comparable to anyone, seen as all the men i love in books are often billionaires, however they are passionate and fiercely loyal and will fight for their women, so there is similarities.
Who is your favorite Disney love interest? Who is their book counterpart?
Aladdin once more, but im going to pass this question.
Who is your least favorite Disney character?Who is their book counterpart?
Mulan, i hated it in the90's when it came out, i still dont like it now, im not keen on the character so thats that, ha! but i didnt find a book counterpart in all honesty.
Who is your favorite Disney villain? Who is their book counterpart?
I hated all villians so i dont have a favourite as a child they all scared me, but they are often bitter characters which i come across in most books i read, so thats an overall summary.
What book do you wish Disney would turn into an animated? Would it be Disney animation studios or Pixar?
I would love Disney animation to do the night circus but i know if it ever happened nothing would be as magical as the book in my head.

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