Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How Long You Should Wait to Have Sex by Monique Sorgen (*)

Samantha Harper has just turned 30 and she is ready to meet the man of her dreams, so she does. Samantha pretty much always accomplishes what she sets out to do. There's only one problem, after she has sex with him on the first night they meet, he never calls her.

Not used to failure, Samantha is furious at herself! She wishes she could just take it back. She wishes she had never had sex with him!... And to her surprise, her wish comes true. She gets not one, but several more chances to go back in time and figure out just how long she has to wait to have sex, in order to get her dream guy to fall for her.

Determined not to mess this up, Samantha finally gets her answer to the age old dilemma of How Long You Should Wait to Have Sex.

In all honesty, i didn't have high hopes for this book, i think the cover put me off, i know that i shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but i did and regret it. This last week i bit the bullet to finally read this book, after all i featured it a while ago. 
We start meeting Samantha on the eve of her 30th birthday devastated because she hadn't met "the one" in an attempt to resolve the issue, she puts her PR skills to use and throws herself a party and invites alot of eligible men. There she meets John, she thinks he is the one and he didn't even know about the party. They spend the evening drinking flirting and one thing leads to another and Samantha goes home with him, he promises to call  & never does. That isn't the end of, regretting it all she wishes she didnt have sex with him, her wish comes true, and she gets the chance to replay the night. She does, and things pan out differently, what happens along the way is interesting.
This book had such a good concept, and it gave Samantha the chance to earn her happy ending, although it's not like you would imagine, believe me. This book takes a light hearted look at the age old question of how long to wait before sex, it gives the chances im sure woman have wished for to redo evenings and create the best relationship possible. It made me giggle, in parts it made me sad for Samantha but most of all, it kept me enthralled.


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  1. Yes, the cover is somewhat OTT, but glad it was a good read at the end.