Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Hot Stranger (My Hot) by Isabella Johns (*)

What happens when a recently engaged woman meets the hottest stranger in Atlanta?

Successful with her career, always in control, the big 3-0 looming large, biological clock ticking fast…this Atlanta lawyer is overjoyed when her boyfriend finally proposes.

But what starts out as a harmless, drunken dare by her best friend during their engagement celebration, turns into an unforgettable night of white hot passion, in a chilly back alley, with a drop-dead gorgeous, masterful, anonymous stranger.

Her whole world is upside down. Has she been settling all along for stability and marriage, over complete satisfaction and full passion? If she can only find this stranger just one more time

This is the 3rd book in the my hot series, and so far, hands down the best of the bunch for me. I was very excited when Isabella got back in touch to offer me this and from the get go it was the best for me. Again, these books are very much about sex, and i can appreciate that. This time we meet the characters out celebrating an engagement (possibly not the best night to meet a handsome stranger) but you know, anyway what follows is a steamy one off meeting down an alleyway and well it was steamy. Unable to settle for a marriage without passion, we seek the stranger once more for another eventful evening. Hes tall, dark and brooding just like i like my fictional men, here holds the promise of  a really engaging story and i would happily follow this journey, but if it came to an end here i would still rate it highly!!


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