Monday, 24 February 2014

My Secret Fantasies by Joanne Rock(*)

Fantasy come to life…

All I wanted was to escape the media frenzy I left behind in L.A. and open a cute little shop on the Sonoma Coast. Simple, right? But Damien Fraser—the hunky property owner—isn't exactly thrilled about my reality-TV-star status. Still, I'm pretty sure that all he needs is a little creative convincing…and I've learned I can be very creative.

I started writing a naughty novel, and with every sexy scene I write, things between me and Damien get really hot. Now the hero in my book is starting to look more and more like Damien, and I'm well on my way to becoming my brazen sexpot heroine. But when my real life and my fictional life collide, my fantasies just might cost me all of my dreams….

This book was sent through one of the blog tour companies i am with, and well i was excited that it was a physical copy. This book sounded right up my street, so when it arrived i spent no time waiting and got straight into it. The cover is very much what you would expected from an adult romance book its very much old school mills and boon bottom shelf style. The book itself comes from Harlequin Blaze, a range of books i will be seeking out in the future. 
We start off meeting Miranda who shot to fame in a reality show as a nice girl (there is hope for us yet) she is been a bit hounded by the press at her work place, and her sisters ex husband is seeking her out. Miranda spots a place to let out in the sticks, its essentially a farm building and packs her life up and heads down to view it. All Miranda wants is somewhere quaint to run a teashop and write a naughty novel (has she copied my life plan..?) As she nears her destination her car fails her and a sexy stranger offers to help, Damien who has stepped straight out of her steamy novel and into her life. The chemistry between the pair is tense, but when Damien (who is the owner of the land) learns of her fame, he soon rejects her bid to own the potential shop as he doesnt want any negative press for the farm. What follows though is a buidling relationship, changes of hearts and getting down and dirty.
Told from the point of view of both characters, and the occasional exceprt from the novel Miranda is writing it draws the reader in and makes you want to stay a while. This book was the perfect blend of my two favourite genres, small town romance & adult romance. It was a short read that i finished in two evenings before bed.  It really was a great little book, it was the first i have read by the author, and i would love to read more in this style of writing.


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