Monday, 31 March 2014

Shades of Honore Feature

Volume I of The Baudin Saga follows three generations of French women, with enough secrets to incite a nouvelle revolution. Honoré Sergeant is tragically orphaned at the age of fifteen, and must move from the United States back to Cannes, France, to be reunited with her grandmother, Françoise. Although they form a steadfast bond, they continue to conceal their darkest secrets from one another. Françoise hides her secret past as a seamstress for the House of Chanel; Honoré, her unfortunate entanglement with the clandestine life surrounding the town's international film festival. And what of Lisette, Honoré's mother?

From the uncertainty of pre-war Paris in the late 1930s to the carefree sizzle of the 1980s Côte d'Azur the lives, loves, tragedies and triumphs of the Baudin Women are interwoven into the very fabric of the France they love.

 Author info: Avery Grey is an American author with a wide range of interests which include art, food, history, literature, travel, and wine. Visit her Facebook page -

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