Monday, 10 March 2014

Take control TBR update #1

So, hi everyone - i took the weekend off from blogging and it was nice to just enjoy it. I'm back now though with update #1 of taking control of my TBR and how im doing.

Books read; 1
Books reviewed; 1
Books started; 3

So, i finished captive in the dark, im glad i did - i also reviewed this. It was quite a rambly review in all honesty - like seriously but it got me started with book 2, im about 80% of the way through so im hoping to finish it this afternoon.

Books i started; Captive in the dark (fin!) Seduced in the Dark, To Tuscany with love.
Im 20% of the way through To Tuscany as i have been reading that at work on breaks as i feel more comfortable reading that than Seduced in the Dark (i blush okay!) haha

This doesnt feel all too successful so far, especially with all the books that have come through the door lately - but ill keep at it.

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