Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Best Kind of Trouble (Trouble #1) by Courtney B. Jones(*)

Ashley Parker knows trouble. And Nathan Williams--star quarterback and charming ladies man--is trouble. She knows he'll only break her heart. But that doesn't stop her from jumping in feet first. When her whole world is flipped upside down, her guitar and her lyrics become her only solace. Along with sexy guitar player Caleb Mathews.

Fueled by heartache, love, and lust, Ashley finds herself in the best kind of trouble. Boy trouble.

Sometimes you read a book and you just know to characters are written to be together? Thats how i felt with Ash & Nathan, from Ash's timid nature to Nathans sexy charm, it always felt like they belonged, throw in a sexy guitarist and everything changes, as a reader you doubt what they once had, and end up with no clue who to root for.
We follow Ash as she falls head over heels for Nathan, despite all the warning signs, she does it anyway and once more ends up hurting. Stuggling to get over Nathan - but i mean, we all would wouldnt we? She tries, and sometimes she relapses but surronded by her friends, she bids it farewell and embarks on a series of open mic nights.
His lips lifted into a sexy smile. A panty dropping, heart melting, mind numbing, soul-altering smile. My brain actually stopped functioning
For Ash from that moment its all about to change, when a record label picks her up and plonks her on tour, she forgets about Nathan for a while, and meets Caleb her sexy guitarist. Moving on seems easier with a man like him. We follow Ash as she grows up, and tries to battle her heart for what she thinks is right.
The best kind of trouble is a new adult novel, its very simplistic but covers all the elements needed to make it new adult. It's told from the 3rd person, allowing us as the reader to watch from the outside as the story grows. A nice little touch this book has, is that each chapter starts with a song lyric relating to the story as it grows (and it reminded me of some songs i love!) The only gripe i had was as much as i loved Ash, i felt the timid, naive nature she started off with soon dropped as she met Nathan, i mean i would of been okay if it hadnt of been there at all. This however, was a great read, because it was simplistic, it allowed it to be fast and straight in there with the story, sometimes i don't want a long intro, a long build up, i want meetings, i want eye contact, i want heart melting kisses and secretly maybe Nathan too..This novel gave all that and more.


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