Sunday, 20 April 2014

An Eggcellent Proposal: Review

It's Easter Sunday in a small town church. The new preacher, Toby Elbredth, has planned the best wedding proposal ever for his sweetheart during the annual Easter egg hunt. Cue an untimely mix-up, the late pastor's three-legged hound, and a plan gone horribly wrong, and you've got one hilarious Easter tale.

 So, it's easter, im sat killing time before i have some work to attend too..i was checking amazon daily deals, and thought ill just type in easter. Well ah - this came up. A short 7 page story perfect with your morning cuppa this easter Sunday. We meet Toby the new preacher finishing his sermon just before the easter egg hunt begins. He heads to his office to get his special egg basket to find its missing. Toby begins to panic as in the golden egg was an engagement ring for his beloved. So, begins a race to find the golden egg before the children. This was a light, short, sweet but simple story but it made me chuckle. The writing style was simple, and clear - there was no messing about with this story, well it's free after all and that alone, makes it worth spending ten minutes reading.

3/5 - Lady Grey

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  1. This looks so cute and perfect for Easter! Great review!