Thursday, 3 April 2014

Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 by Kathleen Warnock(*)

Hailed as "mesmerizing" by the Insight Out Bookclub, the world's largest LGBT reading group, Cleis' Best Lesbian Erotica is the standard bearer for the genre. Kathleen Warnock has taken the series to new heights of ecstasy with the 2014 entry which is sensational, sensual as well as being really smart smut. A Goldie nominated editor, Warnock collects stories from around the globe, giving this assemblage a fresh sensibility and new points of view. But what really sets Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 apart, however, is the characters; each woman is written so real, you can almost feel the warmth of their bodies in the bed beside you. Evocative and erotic, this commanding collection holds readers right to the very last page.

Okay, so F/F erotica is something ive not read much of, its something i tend to read in passing on the way to M/F you know them books that are like 10 erotica stories and there is one thrown in for good measure? Yeah, that. Its still not my cup of tea, i was pretty sure of that going into it, and its not but thats not to say its a bad book. I feel this is a more acciesable look at Lesbian erotica. Containing plenty of short stories it gives the reader chance to find something that appeals to them. It allows them to dip in and out of the book as when they choose. The women are alot more real and well - its a book worth sharing, hence the review. Im pretty sure it will appeal to some! I know its a short review, but i tend to find its hard to review books with short stories, so i would rather stick with a general review overall. Now, its given me chance to see other books by the publishing companies and some of them already have me hook, line and sinker!


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