Monday, 28 April 2014

Confession|| i am a book addict

Today i am talking about a problem i a book addict - now say it with me. Im Em & i am a book addict..

So, this post was inspired the other morning about ten minutes before work, where in that ten minutes i bought a book, a book i didnt need but a book i had to have. The last year has bought the book worm out in me, but boy is it a problem. The book that caused me to think was The Rosie Project - Greme Simsion i had been eyeing it up for a while when..oh look its half price, well i was going to buy it anyway, so i may as well pay less for it.

So, the point of this little old post, i cant help my habits, its not the worst thing in the world, but i think i need some help (or you know, support and encouragement!!) i spend my days reading your reviews, and videos and adding books to my tbr and wanting to read every spare minute of the day and do you know what, i think its okay.

So lets appreciate the fact that we do something good with our time, its not all hanging out in bars, but more ficitional ones with a whiskey in our hands and our favourite characters beside us. We delve into worlds that are both beautiful, awful and to us, totally realistic. We meet people we love to spend ours days (and nights!) with. Authors really allow us to live in a fantasy world - so embrace the inner book worm, be free with your books & celebrate!!

I love you all that are here beside me on this book journey!

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