Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Q&A with Joanne Rock

Hi everyone, welcome back to my little old blog, so i once read a book as part of a book tour, and befriended the author, the lovely Joanne Rock so i tweeted her asking if she wanted to answer some Q's for my little old blog; so here it is.

1. So, im just reading Silk, Lace & Videotape & with it been one of the first books you wrote, what inspired it?
A few things always have to come together in the pressure cooker of my brain to get the inspiration going and in this case, I merged a few different elements. First was my love of New York City and the desire to set a book there. I lived in Manhattan for a few summers that I worked as a fashion model, so I had my foot in Amanda’s world at one time. Also, I went on to write six books with cops from that same NYPD precinct including Silk, Lace & Videotape, In Hot Pursuit, Silk Confessions, His Wicked Ways, Don’t Look Back and Just One Look. But in this particular book, the character personalities pulled very much from my real life romance—a heroine who is a wild woman inside but more of a good girl on the outside, and a hero who is very at home with his impulses and has no filter! This dynamic comes up often in my writing. Finally, Silk, Lace & Videotape sprang from a need to put my heroine in a compromising position with the hero from the very start of the book. I was very excited about the intercepted video idea and couldn’t wait to write it.
2. How has your writing changed throughout your career?
Em, I was hoping you would tell me now that you’ve read my earliest Blaze AND my most recent!!  I hope, and like to think, that my stories have gotten deeper and more emotionally complex over time. I think my earlier stories were more fun and lightly humorous, whereas my work today has characters who are dealing with more obstacles to their Happy-Ever-After.
3. What do you personally read?
I read everything. Seriously. As a former lit major, I love the classics and still read literary fiction with abandon. I’m in a couple of book clubs that help feed that need. But I also enjoy popular fiction of all sorts from romance and Young Adult books to the occasional thriller. Also, any story that sounds Gothic and mysterious will have me tapping the “One-Click” option on my Kindle. Recent favorite authors include Tana French and Sarah Addison Allen, but I have a whole slew of favorite romance authors who are auto-buys for me including Teresa Medeiros and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
4. Beverage of choice to get you through long days?
Once again, I have no loyalty whatsoever. I drink coffee and have a beautiful espresso machine that my husband bought by a few years ago. But if I made as much coffee as I would like, I would never be able to sleep! So I intersperse with teas, especially red teas which are my current favorites. Drinking while at the computer is a better option than eating—which I also enjoy too much—so I tend to drink a lot.
5. Do you have a favourite novel you have written?
In what you are quickly coming to recognize as my pattern, I have more than one favorite!!  I have a special love for a book called Hidden Obsession that is a medieval time travel I wrote for Blaze. It combined my love of contemporary, fast-moving dialogue since my hero is a modern cop, with my love for historical settings and high stakes. The hero falls through a painting and lands in the heroine’s bedroom in the ninth century. I also love that book because it came together so easily in my head, which is always a huge gift for an author. Another favorite is In the Laird’s Bed, which is a Scots historical romance, and also One Naughty Night, which is a reader favorite and my bestselling book globally, I think. I like One Naughty Night because it’s one of my go-to sorts of heroines (remember the good girl on the outside with the wild woman just waiting to get out?) and a hero who is so yummy and perfect for her. Renzo Cesare is from a family of scrumptious brothers and I was in love with all of them as I wrote the series “Single in South Beach.”

This has been such a fun way to spend a Sunday morning… we must get together more often! Xo, Joanne

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