Thursday, 17 April 2014

Seven Deadly Sins by Ros Baxter

She's on a seven step program straight to hell.


Anne's always been a good girl.

But her best friend Nico is about to put a stop to all that nonsense.

When Faithless Fergus ran away with the seventeen year old bridesmaid at his sister's wedding, Anne just wanted to keep busy and move on.

But her best friend Nico had other ideas, devising a recovery program just for her. He called it Seven Steps to Fuck You Fergus.

Problem is, Anne's not sure she has even one little sin in her, let alone seven deadly ones.

Until she meets a boy who makes all kinds of sinning seem like a very good idea indeed.

Will Anne make it through Nico's seven step program, or will Envy be her undoing before she gets anywhere near Lust?

I must of picked this up as a freebie one day and its just sat for a while and well, seen as im trying to narrow down my tbr on my kindle, i picked this and settled in. This is a short novel, 70 odd pages, so it took very little time to get through. So Anne has just been through a break up, her best friend Nico sets up a seven step program to get her through the heartbreak. Each chapter is dedicated to a sin, and by the time she reaches she is meant to be over her ex. I loved the concept of this, and looking at the deadly sins, but i also liked the fact it wasn't too heavy either because it could of gone alot deeper. So, a stranger comes knocking to help her out one afternoon - a little bit of flirtation develops between the two, leading to a tasting one evening, complete with a blindfold *ahem* even in this short book there was still time for a bit of drama - well we all know envy is one of the sins and i guess it had to be incorporated. Overall, ill keep this review short and sweet, like the book.



  1. This is a really beautiful cover! Not sure if I'd like the story too much, though. Great review. :)

    Pretty Little Pages

  2. Sounds interesting. The author must pack a lot into those 70 little pages!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction