Saturday, 5 April 2014

Stacking The Shelves

The books that have graced my real shelves and ebook shelves, im getting alot into my life lately, so i will be filming a haul at the end of the month for now though, here is what i got this week.

Did Someone Order Cactus? is the prequel to It's Just Turbulance

Can women really be friends for life or will distance, betrayal or even everyday life get in the way? Alison Bruce is haunted by this question as she waits in a London addiction treatment facility to find out if her life will change for the better, or spiral even further out of control.

The life of Alison Bruce is one big party, which up until now, she shared with her two best friends. But their lives are about to take off in very different directions and Alison can't help but feel like she's about to be left behind. Desperate to escape the house where she grew up and her alcoholic mother, she finds Zach; the gorgeous would-be rock star, on his way to London with his band and Alison is determined that it won’t all happen without her. But London life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and a spur of the moment trip back to Ireland finally brings the party crashing to a halt. With her life spiraling out of control, Alison is forced to see of the kind of person that she’s become and suddenly everything she’s ever cared about is on the line.

Jen Sommers never doubted that her future professional life would be a high powered one and would take place somewhere much more glamorous than Cork. So by the time she reached LA, all that was left to do was find her niche in a country that might as well be on another planet. But as her career finally begins to take off and love blossoms with the gorgeous Jake, details of his double life force her to grow up and realize that things aren’t always what they seem.

Unlike Jen and Alison, Erin’s life was running according to a very detailed plan: she would stay in Ireland, realize her dream of attending UCC and become the first Chandler with a degree. But without her two best friends, Erin has little else to smile about. She’s stuck in rainy old Ireland with three stone of excess body weight, which has haunted her all her life. Add to this an abusive boyfriend and a crisis pregnancy and it isn’t long before Erin’s careful plans begin to unravel. Now she must come to terms with her darkening future and Paul’s infidelities, one of which was enough to shake her to her core.

Did Someone Order Cactus? Is a story of un-shakable friendships, very shaky romances and the best laid plans come undone

 How many wrong turns can you take in life, before the way back becomes impossible to find?
Alison Bruce is haunted by that question as she struggles to maintain her status as a “recovering” alcoholic, after almost four years sober. In fact she’d never been happier, up until a man named Ralph Heines stumbles into her life. Having struggled for years to move on from her past, this stranger was about to drag her back into it. Left with no choice, Alison sets out to discover what really happened on the night that changed her life and what part Ralph Heines played in it.
Erin Chandler could never be accused of coasting easily through life, but when recession hit, it hit with force, leaving Erin un-employed and living hand to mouth in a rundown council tenement. But this was just the beginning of her problems. Her daughter, Emma's future now looked as un-certain as her own and when her estranged and poisonous father suddenly injects himself back into their lives, things go from bad to worse for both of them. Weighed down with worry over Emma's safety and her own sanity, Erin needs to find a way out of her welfare existence and away from the man who threatens to destroy her.
Jen Sommers is a beautiful, strong and independent woman who has just about managed to survive the dog eat dog fashion industry in LA for just over five years. But now her business is going under with Jen at the helm. Out of options and out of time, Jen can no longer hide her desperation over coffee with Clive, her valued acquaintance and friend. But her honesty proves to be a huge mistake, as Clive presents her with a costly way to save her business and get back on top.
Three women, three very different lives, but they soon discover that all roads lead back to each other.


  1. these books are new to me but I hope you'll like them. Happy reading!

  2. Love the Cactus cover..both books look quite good and I hope you enjoy them Em!

  3. I don't think I've ever heard of these but they look intersting! Hope you enjoy them :)