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Diane Chamberlain || Summers Child Review

Twenty years after 11-year-old Daria Cato found a baby abandoned on a beach in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., she is still very much a part of the child's life. Daria's parent's had adopted the infant, but now they are dead and she has accepted responsibility for Shelly--who has grown into a beautiful, slightly handicapped young woman. Without consulting Daria, Shelly contacts Rory Taylor, host of TV's True Life Stories, to ask his help in finding her birth mother. Rory has a personal interest in Shelly's story since he'd been one of the many teenagers hanging out on the beach the summer the baby was found. Daria, meanwhile, has been keeping to herself the crush she's had on Rory for years--along with Shelly's true story. Here, as in previous offerings, Chamberlain (Breaking the Silence) creates a captivating tale populated with haunting characters.

Where, what when how do i even start this review?I am still reeling from the shocks in this book, boy did they keep coming, just when you think you have worked it out, Bam! no. I literally sat and repeated WHAT?! out loud, several time causing concern to realise i was only reading.

Diane Chamberlain is by far my favourite author and this confirmed that, having not read the last book she wrote due to not suiting me, i had high hopes for this and i was right too.

We meet Daria, who as a child discovered an abondended baby on the beach behind her house, bringing it home she ultimately saves Shellys life, raising her as part of the cato family, life seems fairly normal. When Rory heads home for the summer, Daria thinks its nice to see an old neighbour, her former crush, but when he breaks the news Shelly wrote to him to investigate who abondended her on the beach that day. Nobody wants this to happen, all have different ideas and concerns with regards to who left her there that day. We meet several people throughout the story whom it could be, and as the story unfolds it allows the reader to make their own judgements.

I loved Daria, shes the perfect "on the coast girl" in my eyes, athletic, sporty and lover of shells. We meet her on several occasions, as a child, and then later in life at home looking after Shelly. We learn about her life in between and hows things around the area have changed. Daria is a lover and a helper and wants to care for everyone around her. Shelly is similiar in many ways. Shes kind and trusting with a child like view of life, but her heart is in the right place. She spends her days cleaning the church and making shell jewellery. Daria thought that was all she wanted out of life.Little does she rarely know her sister.

Rory returns to the area with his son, and for Daria hes still the crush he always had. He is sporty, a care giver and determined. Plonk him back into his home town, and he falls back into friendship with Daria, not something Daria wants but to him, thats the way its supposed to be..The pair bond but dissagree over the past, and Shelly.

Diane has as usual, landed the bombshell at the start of the book, then we spend the rest of the time working towards how it came to be. I love the way her stories flow like this, and as usual i was gripped from the first to the last page. Her writing draws you in, and you can even feel the sea breeze as you read and the smell of the food around you.

a good stong assam, the best kind

Author Bio
(taken from goodreads)
I'm the author of 22 novels published in more than eleven languages. I like to write complex stories about relationships between men and women, parents and children, brothers and sisters, and friends. Although the thematic focus of my books often revolves around family, love, compassion and forgiveness, my stories usually feature a combination of suspense, mystery and intrigue.

I live in North Carolina with my significant other, photographer John Pagliuca, and my shelties, Keeper and Cole--the only non-reading members of the household!

Please visit my website and blog. I look forward to seeing you there!

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