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Rachael English || Going Back - Blog Tour//Review

How do you know where you belong?
In June 1988, Elizabeth Kelly's parents think she belongs at home in Ireland. Her boyfriend is certain of it. Unwilling to settle down just yet, she decides to spend the summer in Boston with her college friends.
The next four months change all of their lives. Elizabeth surprises herself by falling for Danny Esposito, a restless charmer with a troublesome family.
Almost a quarter of a century later, Ireland is once again gripped by recession. A new generation looks to America, awakening memories of a golden summer for their parents. When a crisis occurs, Elizabeth returns to Boston where she is drawn back into the life she once lived. But will she be able to reconcile the dreams of her twenty-year-old self with the woman she has become?

GOING BACK is a story of family, friendships and love, of difficult decisions and lifelong consequences.

Im not even sure how to start this review, its an odd one to write but ill try and do it non the less. Going back is the story of Elizabeth Kelly. In the summer of 1988 we meet her in boston where she is spending her summer (as many irish do) we follow her day to day life, and meet her friends along the way. One night she meets the charming Danny, and throwing caution to the wind and despite having a boyfriend back home, she embarks in a full blown relationship with Danny. 

We travel forward a few years, and Elizabeths daughter Janey is likewise spending her summer in America. Janey is taken ill and Elizabeth flies out to see her, but there she meets Danny once more. With plenty of both past and present secrets it really is a case of where does her heart lie?

Elizabeth is shy, quaint and a dreamer (i beileve so) but put in a suitatuion with love, and well she changes, she becomes so much more, confident, charming and sweet. Danny is quite the player and charmer, he draws women in and well im sure he is well aware of it. 

This is a story of love, "the one" friendship and dramas. I was plodding along through it thinking, this is nice, then somewhere along the way i fell in love with it. Rachael has a wonderful voice for writing its refreshing, its descriptive and utterly captivating. I cant pinpoint why i adored it, its not like i can say, it was sexy, it was dark ect it just was. It was nice. and for me thats okay. It drew me in and held me there for hours, it wasnt all teenage love and drama but it was about been grown up too, and dealing with life, and children and that was nice to see for a change.


5/5 - the best assam you can get.

Author Bio
Rachael English is a presenter on Ireland's most popular radio programme, Morning Ireland.
She lives in Dublin, but was born in England and grew up in County Clare on Ireland's west coast.
GOING BACK is her first novel. Rachael was shortlisted for the most-promising newcomer award at the 2013 Bord Gáis Irish Book Awards.

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  1. This sounds good Em, and just you thoughts alone, has me wanting to know their story :)